How to make an Entity

I’ve been playing Gmod for a few months now and felt that it’s time to get into coding/lua whatever. Will be my first time if anyone can give a tutorial or tips on how to make my first Entity.(Or tell me what I should make first)

No one?

Sents are good for a first project, instead of a crappy swep. Follow this to get an idea of the syntax.

I like this one too helped me when I first started.

This library will help tons

Finally don’t forget to use your imagination :slight_smile:

Cool. Do you have Xfire or something? A tutorial would help immensely if you wanted to, seeing those links just look like alot of random stuff to me

Well tell us what you plan on having your SENT do so we can help you along.:smile:

Something that flies. I need to know what I can do before I know what I will do

You can try to make a completely different SENT from my Flyable F117 Entity if you do not upload it to any websites :wink:

Sure, teach me how to. I have only the intention of learning Lua and coding.