How to make an entity?

I wonder how i make a file i made into a entity?

bcus i would like to make 1 thing i made into a entity so its easyer to acces it and cooler

Can you be more specific please?

Put it under entities, and just ply:Give( “whateveryoucalledthefolder” )



I hope you’re not one of the people who think they can turn an adv. dupe into an entity just by sticking it in a folder. SENTS are scripted in LUA outside the game, unlike contraptions which are built in the game. That seems to be a common misconception.

You’re still being ridiculously vague. Thing you made? You mean a contraption? You want to turn a contraption into a single SENT?


i dont want to turn adv dupe file

You can’t turn a contraption into a SENT. Certainly, it might be possible to make a SENT that does the same thing as your contraption, but there’s no way to just directly convert a collection of props and constraints into a single functional entity.