How to make an infinate loop?

I was wondering how to make an infinite loop

  1. With brushes, Moving across a conveyor

  2. With entities E.g Spawning an item

A circle.

DO you have to keep shiting up this forum with 10 second questions? Ask them all in one thread.

Your questions don’t really explain what you want or even make proper sense, so I’m going to guess at what answers you want.

func_tracktrain in a loop perhaps?
an infinite loop of item spawning?
logic_auto > onworldspawn > point template > forcespawn
point template > Onentityspawned > !self > forcespawn


Not what you were asking, but seeing as how I only recently figured this out, and some people may not know this, here’s how to do a pure logic loop.

Send “FireUser1” to it to start the loop. It’ll go to kingdom come (I’m sure there’s a way to toggle it, but I CBA to figure it out at the moment, and it’d probably be more complex.

I take it you mean make a conveyor that always moves in one direction, rather than going forward a little while then going backwards and then forwards again.

Ah, I get it.

You use a point_template then on the template add an output (I think) of ondeath or onbreak (whatever) spawner spawn another of the template.

Some shit like that.

He needs to be more specific. What are you trying to make swampie? Or are you just trolling us?

Nah, I saw a map with an infinite loop and :psyduck:

Just wondered how!

An infinite loop of what? An infinite corridor? An infinite stream of props?

An infinite streak of props

Or some way to make it seem like a static train is moving

Ah, okay. In that case you’re best off with parenting shit to a func_tracktrain that teleports back to the first path_track once it finishes one ‘lap’.

Or, if you’re lazy and like to waste resources, use the escalator method.

That would take longer…