How to make an NPCs health match the health of another NPC?

How to make an NPCs health match the health of another NPC?


Combine A gets shot and loses 10hp, Combine B also loses 10hp.

Needed for map/boss battle.

Question thread was completely useless at helping.

Lua is not an option.

Maybe it’s impossible?

It may be.

I do have a workaround but it is buggy, a huge entity whore, and highly inefficient.

Well, make it so that when one dies they all die.

Simple actualy

No, because what if you put a ton of damage into the first guy, then the second one showed up. You’d have to basically fight him 2x.

Umm, with in/outputs?

So helpful.

Avatar/Post match: perfect.

Anyway, do NPCs possibly have a health amount output?

No, tried that. And the one dies/other dies wouldn’t work because it’ll start with 10k health, do an attack on the player, hide and a different version of the npc will come out and attack.

Maybe you should parent a sphere around every npc, and then when the sphere gets hit, trigger a trigger hurt in the whole room with a filter to just the ones you wanna hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

That would look seriously buggy. Especially as rockets don’t randomly explode in midair in source.