How to make an SWEP which does this

I want to make an SWEP which can be spawned by any player which allows him to remote control any Advanced Pod Controllers belonging to him/ made by him. He simply presses E to exit again.
When you select the SWEP, a menu should come up with a list of all your APCs and a scroll bar. You just click one to use it.
Maybe later on, there could be a weapon model and have it as a laptop which opens up when you select the weapon.




I’m not into to scripting much, but as far as I can help you, you have to make the swep spawnable, make a script to spawn your APC, and to press E to exit the APC. It scould take a few months to make that SWEP

I thought this was already created and including with WireMod SVN…

Theres the remote control swep from wire SVN that allows you to controls pods without being in a chair. Theres no menu though that will allow you to select what pods you want to control.

Thats the problem, I need an SWEP which’ll allow you to select any of your APCs. I suppose you could get it list your APCs, then depending on which you select, spawn a pod and link it to that APC for you, but I’m no lua coder.

The remote controller doesn’t offer a menu, it links up to your APC depending on what APC you’re looking at. You right click the APC you want and it lets you control that one specifically.

I know, but is there a console command which’ll at least bring up a menu which decides what my remote control is linked to.

Go post over in the Lua section, this is Lua related not a general garrys mod question, thankyou.