How to make any car in gmod

I want to create a car (BMW M3 GTR E46 from nfsmw). What program i need to do it? sry for bad english in russian

If you don’t know anything about modeling, you need to start from the beginning. 3D Max has a 30 day trial that you can try. It is considered one of the industry standards for making models. There are plenty of tutorials available in the program itself, as well as on youtube.

Learn to make basic things first, than follow a tutorial on making someone more complex. Once you are comfortable, you find a ton of high definition photos of the thing you want to re-create, and start working on it. You need a series of fundamental skills before you can just dive into advanced modeling.

I think he just wants to port the car from need for speed and rig it as a drivable vehicle

Although I suppose that could be down to his Russian-ness.