How to make bones in 3ds max??


03/23/2012 Update

Little_girl.rar - makarov2.rar - civilians2.rar - delta_frost.rar - india_civ.rar - juggernaut2.rar - delta2.rar - chemwar_russian2.rar - pmc2.rar

I would like to compile these models to .smd but I don’t know how to make bones in 3ds max…
Please tell me how to make the bones.
If you tell me how to make bones,I will compile these player models to .smd and upload them.
Sorry for my bad English.

PS: these models were uploaded by luxox_18 in this thread

Anyone? :confused:

Look at this.
The difference is, that since you want to make player models you don’t want to create bones but instead use the ones that are present on the valve biped. (decompile a valve model to get them)

Thaaaaaannnnkkkk yooooouuu!