How to make brushes appear or disabling their invisibility?

Still tried to experiment with func_brush nothing happens :bang:

You can use the Invisibility or Nodraw texture under the “tools” filter.

You can also set a func_brush’s alpha.

No i mean how to make them APPEAR when you trigger something or press button , i know about nodraw and invisible texture but im talking not about this

Func_brush is the way to go. How are you trying to use it?

Care to explain it a little better?

You’re being very vague.

Create a logic_auto that makes the desired brush to go invisible when the map spawns.
OnMapSpawn -> Brush -> Alpha -> 0. This requires the func_brush’s rendering mode to be Texture something.
OnMapSpawn -> Brush -> Disable

Then just Enable or set the alpha back to 255 again.

What you want to do is set the output to “Disable” or “Enable” instead of “Alpha”. You don’t need to use a logic_auto, and can just set it to start disabled in the Key Values.

Thank you very much! This is what i was looking for.