How to make cinematics in online game ?

I saw on GmodTower Golf they used this addon :
and triggers it with lua but I don’t know how do I manage it like when the player push a lever I want like to triggers a cinematioc the same as in GmodTower how do I do ?

They probably used the CalcView hook and Lerp’d positions so the camera moves between those positions.

The addon you posted uses Catmull-Rom splines, hence the name.

all the player havce to be affected like if a player push the lever not the only the guy who pushed it

Network when the lever is pushed to all the players then?

Any example of using it like wiki ? or something

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Like when you download the map you get this

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Any ideas about using this in LUA yeah like soft moevement using this ?

We dont code for you, hire a coder somewhere, or learn to code >Lua*<

I know but it was a question actually so thanks