How to make comics fonts and ballons.

hi somebody create half life 2 comics and in this comics i see lot comics ballons and fonts here is picture :

how make fonts and ballons comics like in this picture how ?

well, what ive tried is using gimp editor to make a black circle and cone towards the talker, andf then a white one inside (for easy veiwing purposes)
and then using MS paint to wright inside of it, using the comic font, i think, i’ll check if its that faunt then…

I doubt many (if any) people here make fonts, they download them from sites such as

As for the comic bubbles, I use photoshop and do this;

  1. I draw a white circle and resize to fit.

  2. I rasterize it.

  3. I make a triangle with the polyagonal lasso tool, and fill the selection.

  4. I stroke the bubble with a 2-3 pixel black border, “inner” setting.

  5. Presto, you’ve got yourself a speechbubble.

EDIT: I could try making a visual tutorial if that helps.

Ok thanks !