How to make dead bodies ragdolled in darkrp?

On DarkRP, I always see admins able to move dead players with their physics gun like the body is a ragdoll
Can anyone tell me how to do this on my DarkRP server?

Dead bodies are already ragdolls with model-side ragdolls sequences.

Not for me?
I can’t pick dead bodies up with my physics gun.

It’s because they have an addon installed (probably goremod) that makes the ragdolls serverside, normally dead peoples ragdolls are clientside so not only can you not pick them up with physgun but they might appear to be in a different place to you than they do to other people. The cons of serverside ragdolls is they tend to cause a lot of unncessary lag when there’s a fair few of them lying around.

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either that or they are using the !ragdoll command which turns players into serverside ragdolls

I highly doubt it is the !ragdoll command. Any time I’m near an admin on another server and someone dies, they start to use them as a ragdoll until they respawn.

I just want to know how to do that on my server.