How to make decay work better and give the game a new element without adding tedium

Decay is affecting your base in a new way, and right now it’s not balanced.

How can we make it so decay still exists and adds a new element to the game: The Element of Maintenance ?

What is the Element of Maintenance?

The Element of Maintenance is a new element to the game, which forces players who wish to maintain a structure to it’s full potential in order to get the most protection/life out of it.

This is done currently by forcing players to manually repair structures with the hammer ( This is a tedious and flawed way to do this ) ( but it is a repair mechanic not really a maintenance of decay mechanic, so it is staying but not going to be the only method )

I suggest a new way to maintain this decay:

Make the toolbox in the area be able to open a new menu which will be able to store resources ( 4 slots total, 1 for wood, 1 for stone, 1 for fragments, 1 for crystalsWhich is a future possible resource )

These slots once filled with start to maintain the decay in the area of influence of the toolbox at a set ratio IE it uses up the resources in the toolbox to maintain the decaying structures in the area of influence.

In this way we can maintain hidden/covered foundations and also it allows people who do not maintain their toolboxes that cover areas of influence to lose sections of decay ( that is if they do not manually repair it as well )

only thing i would prefer is using the workbench/repair bench as the device. i want to see the cupboard and it’s forcefield removed;) otherwise, not bad.

In all honesty I can’t think of a way to remove the toolbox and keep the same effect. ( which is why I chose the toolbox for the device, but a workbench or repair bench isn’t a bad idea either. )

[sp]To be honest if there were no toolboxes and people could just build to get into my base with no effort, or if they could built onto my base/grief my base without first destroying something like the toolbox the game would be damn near unplayable.[/sp]

Lots of people hate that wall locker. The point is to have a centralized function–the precise item could be whatever offends the fewest folks: maintenance closet, repair locker, upkeep bench, etc. I spent so much time hammer-upgrading and hammer-repairing in early legacy I don’t want to dedicate time to hammer-maintenance.