How to make explosives

Do you craft it? Do you need to find it or can you get blueprints? Or do you need to smelt something?

Find them on supply crates, zombies, in the factory then research it.

Check out the wiki, it has a lot of information on this stuff.

I tried, didnt say shit

The last time I checked the wiki actually doesn’t have any information on explosives themselves, but the explosive charges it does.

What do you think? You go once and get full kevlar and a shit load of explosives?

You can ask to people if someone can make you a explosive or you can borrow it.
Kill a zombie for a Research Kit and get some paper.
Go to a workbench and press TAB for your inventory.
Drag the research kit to ypthe item that you want to research and you can make it :slight_smile:

It will be hard to find someone friendly who will give you a explosive.

Good Luck Survivors!

(Btw Im Dutch so sorry for my English)

Yeah I asked a dude and he gave me one to research, but the wiki does not actually say anything about the explosive…

Okay glad u got sorted it out ^^.