How to make Gmod 12 NPC weapons compatible with Gmod 13?

I really need a CSS NPC Weapon Pack (Particularly this one but when I installed it for my Gmod 13, it wasn’t compatible so it didn’t show up, can someone tell me how to make it compatible with Gmod 13?

Someone please help.

I actually had the same question. There is a way to change lua files to be compatible, but I can’t find out which. I had two addons, Flubadoo’s NPC weapons and GDCW, both of which were useable by NPCs. However, in Gmod 13, the NPC weapon list only contains the regular HL2 weapons.

I cannot find any errors relating to the NPC weapon spawnlist in the console, so I cannot fix them. Can someone help us out? At least tell us what file and what line we need to change?

Silverlan’s NPC Tools includes a spawner that lets you select a weapon from -all- of your installed SWEPs for an NPC to use. It’s really unstable if you use crazy weapons like Admin Guns with them but it works for others like CSS.