How to make Gmod faster on ubuntu os

I fucking hate the lag my computer needs a windows os possibly windows 2000 since windows xp tends to be shit sometimes. but anyway I made a huge fort from phx 2 (doesn’t lag game at all) but when I make a huge fort it lags like fuck now in ubuntu I have configured it to be less laggy but I want to know if there are more ways

my system specs are as follows:

pentium 4 ® 2.40Ghz

724Mb DDr ram

16Mb on board intergrated intel ® 845G geaphics

and ubuntu (linux) 9.04

please help this is fucking annoying I have set instead of full screen to window mode -w 800 -h 600 but that doesn’t lag the game and I set the -dxlevel to 70


also I have -autoconfig and -wavonly it still fucking lags


and don’t tell me please dont fucking tell me I need a ram upgrade thats fucking too expensive that I fucking hate (I live in NZ) (New Zealand) and I know I need a better graphics card but thats not a problem

Haha, no.

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Deny it all you like, you don’t have enough RAM and your onboard graphics card is NOWHERE near up to the job.

You don’t need to have a super expensive upgrade, even just improving your graphics card will make a difference.

Short Answer: Your computer can’t handle Garry’s Mod.

Long Answer: First off, Intel graphics and Orange Box engine (Garry’s Mod’s engine) do NOT get along. Second off, even though you don’t want to hear it, you NEED to upgrade your RAM. And don’t tell me, PLEASE don’t fucking tell me it’s too expensive, 1 GB is only like $40 USD (about $60 NZD according to the Google), so save up money for a couple of paychecks and you’re good. If you don’t get enough money per-paycheck to save up that much that quick, then you need to stop relying on allowance money and go mow some lawns, kid.

UberMensch I was trying to see if I can help people sure it’s older posts but eventually they will see my replys and I can get a better graphics card just not more ram. and whats with your picture it looks kind of (don’t hate me) a little fucked up and it looks like hitler if it is good luck :slight_smile: XD

What’s that based on? Hell I’m only running a Pentium E5200 and a Radeon 4850 and Orangebox games run just fine.

thanks Lavacano but I can afford it if I ask my dad but I can handle being said to get an upgrade it’s just that im sick of people getting flamed because their computer is shit I can manage gmod 10 on my computer fine all I need is a better graphics card and more ram and thanks to your posts it’s going to be ok

Most old threads don’t actually get replied to if they’re over a month or so old.

As for my avatar - you need to see this:

I know I can run gmod just fine with my cpu and thanks for the advise but your picture looks wierd


I get it now and thanks for the funny as fuck video (sorry for my foul language) and if you think im some 10 year old think again im 14 and a 1/2 but at least im mature to play games like half life 2 and gmod

I meant Intel graphics.

/-EDIT-\ And edited my previous post.

In that case, I agree fully :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, your computer is god awful. You aren’t going to squeeze any more performance out of it, especially seeing as you have integrated graphics.

It’s funny because you seem to be stuck in the past, saying you’re going to install Windows 2000 when we’re like 4 generations ahead of that now :v:

oh I see yes I fucking hate my intergrated graphics alot it’s pisses me off that macs get mroe ram and better geaphics cards and I don’t also most computers these days always need more ram (in Nz anyway) all I see is 512Mb and 1Gb not fucking 3Gb or 1Gb graphics on a new selling computer and I got my computer from my high school (NZ call it college) and since I like computers so much and havn’t tried ubuntu (that was last year) I got this computer as a present (since it was a spare computer) also their computers are full of fucking junk and have virtual web drives which fucking pisses me off becuase it makes the computers slower (having heaps of students on one server)


im just saying that windows 2000 is a viable option since windows vista and 7 are too fucking stuck up if I use this computer

…You think Macs get more RAM and better graphics cards? Do you see the flaw in your logic? Also, you don’t have to swear in every sentance. Your 10 year old mates might be impressed by it but nobody else is.

Don’t even bother upgrading your current computer tbh, just build a new one. If you start spending money on this trainwreck you’re just going to bottleneck it somewhere. Judging by the age of the rest of your gear you probably have an AGP slot which is just not viable any more. You also won’t find a much better CPU for that socket.

im not 10 years old what are you some fucked up dumb gorilla (sorry if that offended anyone) but your fucking flaming me So STFU and stop posting your being rude
and yes macs do get better gprahics cards and more ram my grandma has a mac book 5 with 4Gb of ram, 2.53Ghz and 256MB of nvidia graphics and she doesn’t need that computer I do becuase she isn’t going to use it for gaming she’s only going to use it for internet and word processing grow a fucking brain mate

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You actually think that Macs get better hardware than PCs. Maybe in like… 2003 those Mac’s specs would have been impressive but nowadays there’s some way better hardware. I’m not flaming you, I’m just speaking the truth. Flaming you would be me calling you a fucking moron for not knowing anything but I’m not, I’m explaining things calmly. Learn the difference please.

ok sorry I thought you were flaming me but now that you mention it yeah I’ve seen a computer on for sale but it had 4.0Ghz and 1Gb of ram and 2Gb of graphics and it went for $1000 but it was second hand of course

Im sorry to say but you need to upgrade your ram, cpu, and gpu.

And his motherboard.

Well… the cpu is kinda fine. Ram might need to be 1 gig.