How to make Gmod load faster.

I was wondering how would someone make Gmod load faster?
Would having an SSD be faster since all the addons have to be loaded and an SSD would make it faster?

Remove addons and your GMod will load faster

SSD will improve performance but I don’t think anyones really tested it.

Get a faster hard drive, or a faster set of ram/processor. It should speed that right up!

delete those shitty addons you downloaded

I don’t have a crappy PC I was just wondering since my old Pre-built PC was crap and it took like 20 minutes just to load. My new custom built rig takes about 30-40 seconds to load. And thank you to all who answered or tried to answer my question.

I would go with a solid-state drive. They’re a bit pricy but its worth it.

I have mostly map addons, does that cause lags? I have hundreds of maps. Also I have downloaded model packs. Does that cause lag?

If you want it to load faster, get a better processor and remove the literal shit from your addons folder.

It’s sad how most people say “get better hardware” even though almost everyone(including me) can’t afford “better hardware” considering that the “better hardware” costs at least $500- $1,000. Also, I will not delete any of my addons since I need them all for making videos. I just want to find out how to decrees the load time. I know I’d just have to be patient but “patient” isn’t really an option when you have school and only get up to 4-5 hours(less if homework is involved) and your gmod probably takes about an hour to get everything set up(loading the game, waiting for downloads to load, and a single player map). Which in the rate of animating, you’d probably get about… Barely enough time to animate 3-5 seconds of an average Gmod animation. So tell me, how can I speed up my Garry’s Mod other than getting rid of my chances of making good Gmod animations and/or waiting my whole life hoping the gods and goddesses of hardware will soon lower the prices of the good hardware down to at least $50- $100 in US dollars?

You pretty much can’t without new hardware and/or removing addons.

I’d suggest animating on something else…