how to make Gmod model?

how to make Gmod model?
how to Unreal Engine Model Extraction ?
Unreal Engine model 3ds max how to import?
Unreal Engine model how to create a model?
Just once would like to see made​​.

google tutorials?
read tutorials?
learn more?

I’ld like to know as well. I have a model from the model’s resource that I want to port to Gmod as a prop but when I try to find a tutorial for it on Google nothing useful comes up. Is there a simple tutorial for porting a prop into Gmod?

for an absolute beginner, I would get the Wallworm Model Tools for 3ds Max. then follow this tutorial:

If you have blender or another program besides 3dsMax, I’m not sure what to tell you. Google it?

I use Blender (mainly cause I’m usualy broke) and I tried to use Google to find some thing but I got ziltch.

see here: