How to make good re-skins in photoshop

I’m very new to Photoshop, and I want to make some new skins for the npc’s and hand models. But for the most part, they look like crap and you can tell it was all just painted on. Does anyone have any good tips or maybe links to good tutorials on how to do this and make it look not-so-crappy? Thanks! =D

expirement with filters… try filter on filter, dont forget blur

Filters? Huh, never thought about those. Thanks, I’ll have to try it out after dinner! =D

image > image adjustments > channel markers (tweak until you get blue)

Wow, thanks a lot, duno! This really helps! XD Hopefully now I can make half-way decent skins!

NEVER USE FILTERS FOR SKINNING. Go look up some tutorials on google or something.

What’s wrong with using filters? 0_0

They make it look like shit and are not good for 90% of the skins you need. Don’t use filters.

We can’t really tell you how to make good re-skins. Making a good reskin takes skill. Use photo reference. Use the eraser tool. Use brushes. Use the healing tool.

Alrighty then. Um, I have another question though: I’m trying to make a re-skin of the hands, and it looks exactly the way I want it, but it still looks like a glove because of all the lines and crap on it. How can I change that? Thanks!

What lines?

I think he means the stitch lines.

Try to find references on hands and use them as a reference for your hands that you want to make.

Here’s some screenshots:

You should be able to see them, but it’s kinda hard. =P


What do you mean? Could you please elaborate a little bit, please? Thanks

I believe that’s the model’s problem. Skinning can’t affect a model, so unless you get somebody to remodel and re-rig the hands you’re stuck.

Coincidentally, simkas did make some citizen hand replacements for the HEV hand though.

Yeah, I saw those. But I wanted to make my own skin for the use of a mod I’m making. I can’t take his models, so that wouldn’t work. I think I’ll just have to try to model new hands then. Thanks for the help, guys!

Lol, hot dog fingers…

Looks to me like you’re still using the hands’ bump map. I doubt the hands would have THAT much detail in the model for them to look like that otherwise.