How to make GOOD weapon LODs???

Hello there guys,

Im a total newb in modelling and I started from editing people’s original work to learn.So as I found an unused Dragunov SVD model in the awesome FA:S 2 addon’s files I decided to make a SWEP out of that model to play
with.But soon i realised there were no LODs for it.I tried to make LODs by simplifying the detailed model with polygon reduction in XSI Mod Tool with various settings but it didnt work as expected.The results
were ugly models that make ur eyes hurt from 1km away:suicide:.So could any of u modelling veterans tell me what im doing wrong and how to make proper, respectable LODs for guns?I really appreciate any help here as theres
no way I can figure out myself or with these linear official XSI guides.

Thanks in advance:)

I think you might not get a solid set of answers here - LODs are generally for people concerned with performance, something mods are not well known for. That said, the concept is simple, you just remodel it a few times with tighter and tighter polygon budgets. It can be very time consuming, and getting an LOD to look passable can be a challenge when you have less then 100 vertices to play with. You also need to decide if you want to uvmap these low poly models to the same textures, or specifically use lower resolution ones and bake the textures on.

Is your computer running your addon so poorly that you need LODs? I mean it’s nice that you’re thinking such things from a professional standpoint, but the chances of your one addon dragging a computer down to its knees is pretty slim. If it’s already from a source mod, it should run fine with LOD0.

Thanks for the advice Lt ,really useful feedback! :slight_smile: Although I hoped not to be advised like such, as I am a little lazy,it seems remodeling as u suggested is the only right way to make a proper LOD.Modeling isnt an easy or quick job for sure!
By the way,as I said the original addon im editing for practice reasons strictly at this moment is FA:S 2 SWEPs by Spy ,currently the finest swep addon for Garrys Mod 14.Also when u say LOD0 u suggest the original fully-detailed model of the SVD?

I find LoD to be wonderful. If you’re really lazy, just copy the model, run a quadrify mesh on it, then clean up the edges and smoothing errors for the few spots it may miss. From there, you can just remove edges and small elements for it. Alternatively, Valve seems to just slap a weld modifier on their playermodel LoD models. One thing you really need to keep in mind is that LOD1 will be the default model for those on medium detail and LOD2 will be for those on low detail. In other words, You may want to have at least up to LOD3 which can be the model viewed when across the map whereas the others can be primarily used for those running on lower details. As far as the lowest LOD goes, you can usually give it a relatively high distance and go with the absolute lowest poly count possible. Just something that gets a very basic silhouette across and nothing more.

(On a quick side note, I wanted to look into exploiting LoD to perform transitions on that shadow model)

Good idea! Quadrangulation seems to relieve the mesh fom the nearly useless triangles so now its much lighter and easily editable, thanks!