How To Make Hammer Editor Show Model Materials


I’ve always wanted to make a river or a waterfall like one of that i’ve seen on other css maps. The problem is that i could not find a material. Then i’ve looked through css decompiled maps and found the texture. It was error texture and the path was something like models/props/cs_militia/river01. I looked through my css folder (gcf scape) and the file was there. Then i noticed that my hammer dont show any of model materials and i remember that it showed it before. I had to copy the texture to non /models folder and then include it with pakrat.

You have to use the replace function in the material editor, and type in the model texture manually.

imo making a waterfall can just use particles btw.


Hammer editor just doesnt read textures derived from /models folder

I know. Hence why I said that.

if you wonder that doesnt help