how to make hills in hammer?

how do you make hills in hammer?

displacement. find a video on youtube or

Make a brush, then click the face edit button. Select the top face, then click on the displacements tab. Create displacement with a power of 3. Then manipulate it with the paint geometry button.

Pretty easy, select the “block” you want to make the hill out of then open texture application tool (SHIFT-A) Go to “Displacement” then “create” then you click the “Paint Geometry” and then mess around. It is not as complicated as it sounds.

thanks every one

Make a large block, make a sphere and use carve to make the block into a hill with the sphere
It’s a little-know trick all the professional mappers do, displacements are buggy and take longer to do.


Don’t do that…ever.

Carve is evil…more evil than the devil himself.

Ignore this man, he hasn’t seen the true power of Carve

No I’m listening to IronPhoenix & coolguyfourteen thanks guys

Well alright, have fun trying to get displacement to match up


You guys know i’m right, you’re just not willing to accept the power of Carve.

I would recommend the displacements, spheres can work as well however by creating a displacement by the power of 4 gives and forming something out of that is more effective and faster. Plus carving an sphere can mess it up a little, especially for the beginners, that will increase the compiling time heavily and may not provide the expected results in some cases.

Do not use spheres for terrain. Do not use brushes for terrain. Use displacements


You mean to state people shouldn’t listen to my post? I am pointing out the same thing as you.

Yes. Do not listen to Zaron. What the FUCK are you talking about using spheres and carve?

Wow, I did not mean to say that. I mean it is POSSIBLE however it is a terrible fail. Displacements is the way to go I know. In that case say ignore ersande not me.

Just make sure the corners match then hit sew…not hard really.

Don’t use anything above 4 on the power. I’ve heard it’s problematic

You can’t go above 4.

But doesn’t 4 have problems though?