How to make HUD Textures

As much as I hate asking Facepunch for help, I have an issue which has been bothering my for some time.

Whenever I make textures for a HUD, they come out buggy- the colours all become black and flicker to the correct colours depending on the direction I face.
I made the textures using the tutorial on the gmod wiki however this is for mapping rather than making a HUD.
If you have a solution to this problem or a better tutorial on how to make HUD textures, please post it below.

Note1: I hate asking Facepunch for help because I like to solve my own problems- I’m not saying you aren’t helpful

Note2: There is no textures section (that I know of) and HUD textures are more involved with lua scripting than mapping so I posted this here.

IIRC you need to make sure that in your VMT file the shader is set to UnlitGeneric.

That was a quick reply- Thanks, it worked perfectly.
Of course now I am kicking myself considering I went looking into other VMT files in working HUD’s but I did not notice the UnlitGeneric at the very top.
Have a heart my good man.