how to make it so u can download map

i want to know how to make it so people download a 40 mb map without getting “missing map” error. im sure theres a command for the console but i dont know it. plz help

I think there’s a combo box in Options where you can choose what you allow to be downloaded.

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1st of all change ur username
2nd its a dedicated server

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  2. net_maxfilesize (i think its capped at 16MB?)
  3. Get a FastDL

k thx. I have a question. would i be able to use 000webhost for the fastdl?


also do i add it to my autoexec.cfg file, my startup icon properties, or to the server.cfg file


also can you give me an example if what to type. do i type it. do i type 4000 in byes or 400 in kbs or do i just type 40


nm i got it. goes in the autoexec.cfg and its type in mbs. net_maxfilesize “64”