How to make items non solid?

Hi i have an npc_helicopter with a func_brush parented too it, how would i make the helicopter non solid? its already invisible but it still stops the player from jumping into the brush! what can i do so this wont happen!

it has no options as far as i can see that have vphysics collision options!

If I recall correcly, there’s a nocollide node.

what do you mean by “node” you mean there is any entity to fix my issue? :smiley:

Shouldn’t there be an options in collision where its like:
bounding box
not solid

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i checked but as far as i can see this npc doesn’t have this option :S

A node is an entity, yes. So look though the list and see if you find any no-collide node, because I swear I’ve seen one.

i didn’t quite get what you meant (nodes for me count as navigation for npc’s)

Would this “node” by any chance be the logic_collision_some other jumble of words i cant remember


i cant figure this entity out! damn and i really wanted to make that helicopter ride by use of an npc :frowning:

Couldn’t you just have the brushes on top of the helicopter, or possibly under the helicopter, that way it won’t collide.
Then of course adjust the helicopters altitude so it doesn’t look retarded when it lands.

no because then it will look retarded when it flys, the helicopter tilting forward would make the brush that the player sits in, fly waaaaay backwards (if it was below it) and thus the player will fall out

May i ask, why do you have the Helicopter invisible, i’m thinking of different ideas and scenarios, but i can’t think of why you would?

Not flaming, trolling, etc, just merely wondering. :slight_smile:

Parent the helicopter to a brush with its Solidity property as Never Solid.

Try this:

Make a logic_auto entity, name your npc_helicopter something (obviously) then do this:

My output named: OnMapSpawn
Targets entities named: heli
Via this input: Solid
With a parameter override of: 0
After a delay of seconds: 1.00

It should replicate the command: ent_fire heli addoutput “solid 0”
Making it not solid. This could however result in error spam in the console but if it works, who gives a shit.

I am pretty sure in the model’s properties, there is a collision model option, the default setting is Vphysics, set it to not solid.

alright i will try this when i get home to my computer that has this map on it! im at my grandparents house currently and do not have access to that particular map. replicating that would be impossible xD


the helicopter is invisible becuae i have a brush helicopter parented to it for simplicity purposes and to make it look bettter, as my map is not set in the future and this is not a war copter, it is a pulic trasport sorta thing.