How to make maps and textures work from addons?

I’ve seen a lot of maps that do this, have a folder that u can put in addons with the map and materials and it will work. I was wondering how they did this.

POut an info.txt in.

the map worked, but not the materials

sorry about the double post, but i’m also wondering how to put materials in a folder in the materials folder, like garrysmod/garrysmod/materials/folder name/.vmt’s and .vtf’s. For some reason this hasnt been working for me

Firstly, just pack the textures into the .bsp using pakrat ( it’s much neater than providing things seperately.

Secondly, you would need to ensure your .vmt is written correctly. Put both .vmt and .vtf in


Now make sure that the vmt references subfolder/nameoftexture


“$basetexture” “subfolder/nameoftexture”
“$surfaceprop” “Concrete”

I’ve actually tried pakrat many times, but it doesnt work for me (first it froze when i saved the bsp, now its saving without freezing, but the textures still seem to be missing)

And i’ve made sure the .vmt addresses the right folder/material. I copied the folder with the .vmt’s and .vtf’s in ep2/materials directly to garrysmod/materials. But it still gives me the checkerboard o’ rape.