How to make money drop when using entity

When i use

function ENT:Use()

i want it to drop money when i click e on my entity.

So it’s a printer, so there is money already in there and the whole amount should drop on the floor and reset to 0 in the printer.
Thankyou for your help

The best way to learn is to search out the answer yourself, instead of relying on others. If you know that what you are creating is for DarkRP, and you know that something in DarkRP already behaves the way you want your thing to behave, simply look at it’s code. It takes seconds, and if you don’t understand what you are seeing, there is context for it elsewhere in the file.

For example, it took me 10 seconds to find this ( ), 5 seconds of which was opening a new tab and finding the DarkRP github repository.

ty bro