How to make moving stairs (somewhat like in Portal) + vmf and bsp files

Have you ever wanted to make stairs like in Portal for your level, but you never found out how? Well, in this little tutorial I’m gonna show you how to make some simple moving stairs (portal-like).

** First step:**

Make a couple of brushes that will form the stairs (size doesen’t matter, but make sure to align the brushes on their corners).

I made mine 192.0 x 32.0 x 8 (also, I made 8 steps for the stairs)

Step two:

Create a hole, in which the stairs will be hidden, and make sure they fit in there.

TIP* When you usually go up the stair, you bump a bit (down-up). If you want to get rid of that, create a ramp on each step. Then make sure they connect to each other, so when the stairs are open they form a ramp. Make sure you use the “Player_clip” texture. Then tie each step including the ramp to “func_movelinear”(select the two brushes and click tie to entity, select fun_movelinear and then hit ok.

Step three:

Now, select each “func_movelinear” and open the properties. Change the names to:

  • stair1_1

Then, the move distance. The first step should have 15, second one 30, third one 45, fourth 60, fifth 75, sixth 90, seventh 105 and eigth 120.

Finally, set the move direction to “up” (-90 0 0)

Step four:

Create a brush using the “trigger” texture and then tie it to “trigger_multiple”. Open it’s properties and name it “trigger_stair_open”. Now, if you set the “delay before reset” to -1 it will only trigger once (that’s what I did).
After that, go at Outputs and add the following:

Make sure you write at delay in seconds, exactly this:

The first stair should have 1.40, second one 1.20, third one 1.00, fourth 0.80, fifth 0.60, sixth 0.40, seventh 0.20 and eigth 0.00. By doing that, the stairs will open from the last to the first. If you want to make the open from the first to the last, inverse the numbers for each steps.

Step five:

Compile the map and ejoy your moving stairs.

*NOTE If you didn’t understand my text tutorial then download the vmf and bsp files. **

Wait what. Haven’t i seen this thread before.

Maybe this?

I originally got inspired from there when I made them for the first time, but that tutorial is only available for Portal. I kinda adapted it to the normal source games.

Coulda been done better.
First off, i dont see much adaptation.
But okay.
Why did you use 15?
16 is much much better for source.
And most of this looks to be almost ctrl-c ctrl-v

whats a bmp file?
do you mean the image?
or do you mean bSp
Try something more original next time?

Could do with putting an image by each text step so people can see what to do whilst they read instead of having to download a file to then find out.

Yeah, sorry about that. I meant to write “bsp”.

A bitmap image, obviously. back in my day it was the only image format worth using. How old ARE you?

Also, I thought this tutorial was about escalators. Make one of those, and I will be satisfied.

Now, that’s a real challenge! :smiley:

This, so I am disappoint.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us though, hope to see an escalator soon. :slight_smile:

It’s a good start, but as tutorials go, it needs more pictures.
Like this:

Oh, I didn’t know about that …

Laptopman is correct, and even made reference to the image format by saying “do you mean the image?”.

I was just about to post the halfwit article. metallics, you ninja you.

I think escalators wouldn’t be very hard, that Tracktrain entity should work… shouldn’t it? (can you put those on a cyclic track?)

Nice tutorial, the valve wiki is worded somewhat complicated-e

Well, yeah it should work. I havent tried it yet.