How To Make NEW Bones For Source

This has been driving me mad and it’s a noob question as well. I’ve been modeling for blender for a while now and I still don’t know how to create bones for source models. I’ve tried looking for tutorials and help on this issue but most things relating to “blender” and “bones” just give me rigging tutorials not related to source models or animation tutorials for source models. By this I mean, the bones are represented by spheres with two points inside rather the triangles used in non-source modeling. I’ve tried ctrl + left click to make a new bone but what I get is one measly point that doesn’t look like the rest of the official rig. So, can anyone either tell me how to do this or point me to some tutorial that does actually cover it because I need to know.

Hopefully someone will make more recent tutorials on these kinds of subjects soon.

Uhh, what the bone looks like in your 3D editor has nothing to do with anything. A bone’s a bone.

If it’s that big of an issue, simply duplicate and rename an existing one.

That’s still an issue for me. How do I copy and paste a bone anyways? How do I connect those bones to the rest of the model? Will the connection for the pasted bone still be intertwined with the bone it originated from?

Select a bone and press Shift-D to duplicate it.

You can change the parenting here.

I suppose that could work for now. Thanks! :slight_smile: