How to make NPC permanent on dedicated server

Hello all!

I am setting up a DarkRP server and I am using 3D car dealer as my car dealing addon of choice. I have found out how to code the cars etc and when I spawn the NPC, it works perfectly, the only issue is is that I have no clue as to how to make the NPC permanent (So it re spawns in the same location when the server restarts). I have the perma prop addon and when I shoot the NPC it disappers and says Invalid entity. If it helps, The dealer is under entity’s as opposed to NPC’s.


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Ok, Here is an update:

I have tried another car dealer addon and it still won’t work. I have tried the PermaProps tool on other NPC’s and it won’t work. The only thing I have got it to work on are the Aritz ATM’s. When you click an entity with the gun it just disappears. It also shows a lua error of some sort in the console. I’m thinking perma props just wont work so new the question is: How do I make ENTITY’S permanent?

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Ok, here is one of the errors that it gives in the SRCDS console: