HOw to make NPC with long detection range?

I know it needs the “256” spawn flag (pulled that from the wiki ) but I don’t know how to put it in. Does it need a separate entity file for the NPC or can I just put it in the NPC spawn script?

Entity:SetKeyValue and modify spawnflags

So is this what I would do?

 local Category = "Blue22111's tests"

local NPC = { 	Name = "my Artic Ally", 
				Class = "npc_citizen",
				Model = "models/DPFilms/Metropolice/arctic_police.mdl",
				KeyValues = { Squadname = "HumanSquad" },
                KeyValues = { citizentype = 4 },
                KeyValues = { spawnflag = 256 },
				Health = "100",
				Category = Category	}

list.Set( "NPC", "MAA", NPC ) 

Just look through the Nextbot tutorial…

I’m not making a NextBot SNPC. I’m just trying to add in the “256” spawnflag to a citizen class NPC.