How to make NPC's hold other weps?

Hello, i was wondering how do i make an npc hold a sword from an addon?
thanks if you can answer =)

You can’t. Unless you download some NPC weapon pack.

You could probably do it in the console with “npc_create_equipment”, but the NPC won’t do anything with the sword because the creator won’t have coded it for NPCs.

They’ll just stand holding the sword with their arms by their side

Or even better, the dreaded T pose with the sword sticking out of their groin. Though it really depends on if the weapon is coded or not. NPCs are better with some weapons than others. Example: the HL2 beta sniper has the NPC standing in the T pose and refusing to fire while the Stargate pack’s staff weapons are animated and shot properly (in fact, NPCs are utterly deadly with them).

Download the NPC Movement tool.
Get the NPC Spawner out.

In console type: npc_spawner_wep [Weapons name]

The weapons name will be the gun’s name without weapon_ in front.
Like: npc_spawner_wep pistol.