How to make one team movable unblinded before round start and another team unmovable and blinded like in Hide and Seek? How do you do it?

Ok, i’m making a team-based GMod gamemode, And I need help making one team movable and unblinded and the another team unmovable and blinded like in Prop Hunt & Hide and Seek. Any ideas on how to do it?

if ply:Team() == 1 then
--not blinded


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And that comes from a man who can’t figure out how to write a basic snippet, but wants to make an entire gamemode… cool.

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But to be fair - are you just confused on what functions to use and such or just HOW to make it in general?

I know how to write a basic snippet and i’m just kinda confused on what function to use

Look at


As for blind, I’m not sure what the best way to do this is? Would you draw full black over the screen, or is there a better way?

Hope this helps.

Clientside (make this first):

  • create a function that hooks drawing of a black rectangle to HUDPaint when net message is received, call the net message “gm_blindfold” - you should send a boolean through it that tells you if blindfold should be put on or removed


  • create 1 table called ‘filtered’ and put inside everyone with specific team
  • send “gm_blindfold” message via net, as argument for net.Send put in “filtered” as in: net.Send( filtered )
  • run :Lock() or :Freeze() on filtered people (I would suggest :Lock())

I can’t do it

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Can anyone else help?

What do you mean you can’t do it?

Oh, sorry I was talking to Netheous about how to make one team blind and I couldn’t do it because i didn’t get how to setup the blinding system, Could you help me?

he literally explained it to you perfectly

nobody is going to spoon feed code here bro.

go look at hide and seek code or read what neth wrote.

maybe check out the

edit: also, neth. why would you use a table with all the players in a team instead of just using team.getplayers?

(UPDATE) Never mind, I figured out how to freeze one team and unfreeze another and I figured out how to blind one team! Thanks anyways for the help

-snip- nevermind, I didn’t read :wink: