How to make people download addons (dedicated)

I just got my dedicated server up and running, and how can I make people download the addons I have without individually putting in every single file in the resources.lua file?
Is there a console command I can put in the server’s command box?


Btw its Srcds

First of all, why the hell would you want people to download addons? If the people who join see errors, that’s there problem to deal with it.

Not yours.

The only way I would think of is use a script called ‘ForceDownloader’ on <<

It basically just tools, sweps, and some npc’s.
Even though my server is public its for friends and they recently got gmod and they want to have some good addons, despite long dl times.

Also, didn’t have luck with the force download.

Alright I fixed the multiplayer problems, and now singleplayer refuses to work. It gets stuck on “Loading Resources” And I left it on for about 14 hours and it never moved. It just seems like Garry’s Mod hates me. Whenever I solve a problem a worse one takes it’s place.