How to make people download models & etc when joining?

Hello! I have a server and it has been going well recently, the only thing I cannot figure out for the life of me is how to setup
the server so that it forces clients to download the models&textures on join! I have made the resource.AddFile and put it in autorun
in the lua directory… Then I set up FastDL, which I’m not completely sure is actually working.
Anyways I’ll cut to the chase, I need help trying to make it so models are downloaded on join.
Here is a pastebin of my resource.AddFile in lua/autorun.
Here is an imgur of my FastDL, might not help at all sorry! Lol.
And I’ve also configured the server.cfg so sv allowdownload is on 0 and so is upload.
Thanks for any help I can get. I’m really new and all this stuff is driving me crazy because I just want custom playermodels without making people have to download the addons/collections themselves.
Thanks. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have you set the sv_downloadurl “url” to the correct one in the server.cfg?

are you kidding me?

What do you mean are you kidding me? You are a prime example of asshole. You come here and say rude shit and dont even help, thanks alot.

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@Chimpanzee the download url is right

You’re positive all the files are uploaded, and all paths to them are right?

Yes I am positive


selfbump I still need help!

I am almost 100% sure that there are at least 50 videos on Youtube on how to do this.

Goto lua/autorun/server
and create a new .lua file. NAme it what ever you like.
In that file add this
resource.AddWorkshop(" ")
Goto the workshop and select an addon you want.
Right click and select Copy Page URL
then paste it in the quotation marks.
Now you should see something like this
You’ll notice at the end it says id=NUMBERS
Delete everything to the left of the numbers so it should look like this
resource.AddWorkshop( “481607813” )

And if you want resource.addfile theres youtube videos on that. Youtubes your best friend.

The fuck you think ive been trying? Ive done all the fuckin shit and none of it has worked. I came to this forum for a reason. Dont jump to fucking stupid ass conclusions.

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Thank you for actually helping unlike all these other fucks, ill try it out. Thanks

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Fast DL is mostly broken. Can’t even get people to download maps without bullshit crc errors, and bz2 is completely broken (files end up at the size of the bz2; it simply never extracts them just renames removing the .bz2).

Using workshop is your best bet considering they have no intent to fix fast dl.

create an addon

create a fil in lua/autorun/server

put in the file