How to make player move

How do I make a player move? Before you say something like “Wow you’re stupid stop playing gmod” I searched it up and the only one I found was moving a player to a specific position. I want to just want to, for example, move a player up slowly if they hold the jump key.

For modifying player movement, you’d want to use one of the movement hooks.

CreateMove is Clientside, it’s where the client prepares to send the commands to the server; if you want to change a key, or something… this is one of the places to do it.

SetupMove is SHARED, it’s a good place to modify movement because you can be sure everything is synced on client and server. You can easily modify velocity in this hook, etc… You can check for KeyDown IN_JUMP and modify the player velocity to add positive z vector velocity ( will move the player up, but remember you’re fighting against gravity )…

Move is another hook you may want to look into. is a great place to start.