How to make prop_physics unbreakable?

My first time in the mapping section… Yipee!

Anyway, just had a quick question about prop_physics and how to make it not break when getting shot with guns.

Not sure if this was the right place to ask questions because didn’t see a sub forum about questions.(Lua Section does)

Double click the prop, go to properties, set to “unbreakable” or something similar

When that doesn’t work and there’s a damage filter key, make a filter_activator_class and set the entity to allow info_null. Then set the damage filter value to the filter_activator_class.

Make “min damage to hurt” ridiculously high

Here’s one alternative for you:

  1. Create a filter_damage_type and set its name to “filter_dmg”, damage type to “slowfreeze” and set its damage mode to “allow only”.

  2. Within the parameters of the prop_physics/prop_physics_multiplayer object in question, under “Damage Filter”, set the value to the name of the damage filter, in this case being “filter_dmg”.

Now only damage in the category of “slowfreeze” will destory the physics prop. This sort of makes it “unbreakable” given that players do not have access to weapons capable of causing “slowfreeze” damage to a physics prop.

pretty sure its in the flags