How to make PVE server?

I know, its stupid question, i just want to be sure how to do it right.
I know its:
server.pve true/false (in console)
but i think it stays until server restart, than it change to PVP.Do i need to put it in config file?

I saw on several forums that on PVE servers u cant destroy buildings.Is that true?How does it work, i can destroy my own buildings but cant destroy others?
Can u use c4 or rockets also to do damage on buildings?


Just do not see the grace in PVE server.
The only small challenge that will have will be to kill a bear.
The game still weak and in PVE is not challenging NPC.

I am running creative server and i need PVE enabled so people cant die or loose their buildings

Can some PVE server owner check this for me:

server.pve true - people loosing health by hitting anything or anyone?
server.pve false - all back to normal

Some peeps just like to build


+server.pve 1

at you startup server script