How to make realistic doors for RP map?

I’ve gone and looked for tutorials on how to make regular doors like the ones used in RP maps. The only tutorials I found were for the sliding and rotating doors which I already know how to do. Can someone tell me how to make the realistic doors? Or is it rotating door then adding a few things to it?

I would appreciate it if you could help me.

Ninja Duck


i think

Yeah, but how do I add the moving door handles?

I’m making a warehouse and just finished the rotating door with sounds, I just need the handle!!!

Thanks for your reply, though.

Prop_Door_Rotate adds them auto


Along with animations

In the properties for prop_door_rotating, you can set the “Hardware Type” keyvalue. You can have Handle, Pushbar, Keypad or None.

Oh, thanks! That helped.

Also, does anyone know which direction to place the line for a garage door that I need to move up?


He means the rotation origin for a garage door, I think.

I’d say in the centre, slightly back (about 16 units) into the garage, about 2/3 up the door.

It’s just one problem after another…I’ve chosen a door material, but it never looks right. One side will have black around it, so I go into the Face Edit Sheet, click Fit then apply, but nothing changes. Hardware Type isn’t even in the Keyvalues. I checked up on a page that had the options for func_door_rotating and it said there is Hardware Type in there, but I don’t see it.

Problem #1: Door materials are specially set up to be right for doors of a certain size. Take a look at the texture “dev_measuredoor” for the correct size values. You should then be able to apply the door texture, align it left and bottom and it should fit perfectly.

Problem #2: Make sure SmartEdit is enabled in the properties window. It’s just to the right of the big white box with all the keyvalues in.

I’ve had it in SmartEdit ever since I started making the map and still don’t see it.

Because the Hardware Type belongs in the prop_door_rotating keyvalues. But if you wanted to make the door brush-based, make a brush that has a height of 112 and a width of 56, then select the front and back faces, and search up dev or door in the texture browser and select the dev/door texture. Then just clip along the lines to create your basic door frame, and vertex edit a bit.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, refer to this tutorial.