How to make resource.Addfile() forcedly download something

Dear Lua scripters and developers!

As we may already know, the models/stalker.mdl is bugged. I have found a replacing, working fix for that (

Now, if I make the server’s code download the files, just as in the example:

for k, v in pairs( _file.Find("models/stalker*", true) ) do

for k, v in pairs( _file.Find("materials/models/stalker/*.*", true) ) do

nothing happens. I have found the reason for it, the stalker model is part of the automatically mounted files (source shared, or another GCF), thus GMod thinks the file is there and does not download.

Could you please suggest me how to make GMod download the working stalker model, without setting sv_pure to 1 or 2?

Thank you in advance.

Your best bet is to decompile the model (first tutorial I could find) and recompile the model under a different path or filename. Example: “models/stalker2.mdl”