How to make rising water

Here, just in case anybody is having trouble I made a quick little tutorial.

For those who are too lazy:

Shame dx7 water textures look so amazingly bad. But i am amazed. Nowhere in this tutorial was the carve tool used!

why is it a shame that dx7 looks bad, who the hell uses dx7?

Sort of my point…why suggest that dx7 is a valid texture when only a tiny minority use dx7.

Beneath textures shouldn’t be used either.

And on a minor nit-picky note “hilarious” naming of entities isn’t a great idea later on when you are trying to find something.

Despite being something you could probably piece together from the VDC in the same amount of time as watching the vid, it wasn’t all that bad.

My 2c.

An alright tutorial, but I still think that moving water should only be used when the player can’t get in it, as the depth fog and collision gets all messed up in it.

It’s still fun to have a flood mod-style survival deathmatch with rising water, though.

I once joined a Gmod server that allowed you to build boats in less than two minutes or so, then the water would start rising. When it reached the top, boat combat until there is only one player who hasn’t sunk.

A+++ post, would read again.


Also I thought you left 3kliksphilip?

You just described the game-mode I mentioned in my post. :v:

Despite his reputation, his teaching skills are pretty good. He’s clear, frank and generally easy to follow.

It helps that his skills have improved since meeting our little community.

noooooozz you follow him u bad mappa 4eva!!11


I’m just saying while his methods are sometimes incorrect and he doesn’t always cover all possible ways of achieving something in hammer, he is a good tutor.

Thanks for that. Oh, and only on this forum do I have that sort of ‘reputation’, and that’s only because of a noisy minority. I help hundreds of people with problems a day. Oh and by the way, I have NEVER encouraged the use of a carve tool. Ever. Despite what people say.

I think what you mean to say is you don’t endorse it any more. That “noisy minority” were 100% right when you were last here and you probably don’t remember me, which is good, because I only ever remember people for bad reasons, but I told you to come back when you had improved your tutorial quality. Which you have.

I can’t help but feel though you’ve come back to provoke us, because you have lots of video tutorials, and we already have tutorials on this subject, so why post this one, alone, here hmm?

Feel free to think that the quality has improved, I’m pretty sure it’s always been at this level. And I posted it because I thought it might help people.

No offence Metallics, as I respect you for both your talent and knowledge, but I think accusing him of coming back to provoke the community is a little far fetched.

I’ve never liked, followed, or been a fan of your videos, but at least this video has been improved by a tad bit much.

Okay, thanks for that. I’ll try to keep them at this standard.