How to make scripted events on already existing maps?

Like the tittle says, how do I make scripted events on already existing maps? I want to make scripted events on the Half Life 2 maps for videos. Like this and like the videos made by Beserkoid.


Well, all scripted events really are are just things that happen when the player does something or gets to a certain location. In Lua, it’s very easy to track stuff like this, but a bit annoying to set up… If you wanted to get an event to happen when a player got to a certain location, you could try hooking into

GM:Move, and then check whether the player was currently between some vectors, and if so, just run whatever scripted stuff you want to do. For example, if you wanted stuff to fly over the player’s head as it did in the video, you’d probably have to create the stuff using

ents.Create, and

Entity:SetVelocity (but it’d probably better to lerp the entity’s position, since setting the velocity may not always produce the same results). You could also use

util.SpriteTrail to make a trail behind the moving things

So, I see. I have to use lua script to make scripted events. Alright, may take a little while to master before starting to make my series. Well, thanks.

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I know it may be impossible,but would it be possible to make all that cool stuff happen like portals and stuff opening up without scripting, I know it may not be possable,but just asking.

You could, but you’d still have to recompile the map with a bunch of triggers and entities that you’d have to add in manually … which would still involve a bit of scripting, I guess. You can’t really expect events to just ‘happen’ without them being told to happen

You can mess with ent:Fire(“AddOutput”, “eventname output”) or GM:AcceptInput to suppress or intercept inputs.