how to make server mod for (new) Rust?

I’m a developer, so I’m familiar with .net/C#/Visual Studio etc.

Does the RustDedicated.exe search for and any .dll’s or something like that - or are there any other way of using any API of sorts?

Consider visiting the community sites for Oxide, Pluton, and Magma/Fougerite, all server mod platforms for Rust. The devs don’t officially support modding and very few resources for modding are actually on this forum.

As far as making plugins go the Oxide platform supports several languages, C# being the best option. You can setup a VS solution with references to the different Rust/Oxide DLL’s (server side ones not client) and get intellisense and all. There is next to zero documentation though other than Oxide’s which is often outdated and very minimalistic.

There are lots of posts and some tutorials on how to setup VS for this on oxide.

Ok, thanks. I’ll have a look into, even though I would like not to use a third party mod-wrapper. Id’e like to know how oxide manages to invoke and change stuff within the server, but I guess I should ask them instead of here :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

The code for oxide is available on git. Thing is most host wont let you just run anything. Oxide is a sandbox that prevents a plugin author from messing up voluntarily or involontarily. Its a very good API no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Go with Pluton instead…