How to make server shown in community list


I installed Oxide on my server and now it appears on modded server ofcourse, but I see a lot of servers in community list with tons of mods installed.
I simply installed oxide with no other plugins. Is there any way to still appear in community server list ?

No. Community is for unmodified servers. Oxide is a mod and puts it on the modded tab.

And those servers are just tempting Garry into blacklisting their servers entirely.

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Thx for the answer

Gotta love this EA mentality. I mean who needs a community anyways, right?

Modded servers belong on the modded tab, not the community tab.

Why is that difficult? If they’re going to intentionally lie to the server list to better their own visibility, they’re not acting in good faith. Garry’s in the right to delist them. They’re still accessible by IP in console connections.

Actually, forget all that. What do you mean? I don’t get it. Are there actual modded servers that are listed in the community list? At first I thought he meant this rcon enhanced stuff but now reading it again, there was no mention of it. I haven’t been on any servers that were binary modded but still list in the community. Did I miss that? I think I wasn’t prepared for this discussion :smiley:

Yes, actual modded servers that shouldn’t be in the community list are (or at least, were) in the community list, and garry’s response is to blacklist their server IPs so they aren’t listed in the server list at all – he really has no other option. I’m pretty sure this has happened in the past (which is why you don’t see them now).

As for if servers using only the Rusty rcon tool count as modded, I don’t know what garry thinks about that.

This server has magma installed on the community list through use of a plugin that overwrote the modded tags with function On_ServerInit(){


We have been investigating how they did it and have gotten close to getting magma on the community list with the simple usage of a few commands within a plugin.

Oxide on the other hand takes literally 2 seconds to get onto the community list, delete 2 lines of code and BOOM!.

I am a strong believer that there should be one (UNIVERSAL) list with a bunch of filters to stop the playerbase dispersion, as mods are essential to catch hackers and we would never be able to run our servers without mods that’s for sure in the poor state of hacking that is happening right now.

All of that changes when experimental replaces the legacy build. All mods will break (completely new start on the codebase) and experimental is running EAC.

Mods shouldn’t break that much to be honest, the core of all mods should be able to stay the same (or at least relatively similar) with only a few modifications to the function hooks.

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Modded servers belong on the modded list, not on the community list. If the flexibility of mods is abused (Oxide in particular) then we’ll have no choice but to add more restrictions so this type of abuse can’t happen.