How to make sliding doors like these:

See the arrows I drawed, how can I make the front side of that tube move a bit forward and slide to side, so that it looks like door opening into tube.


I have never done anything like this, but I thought about it and this is what I would try. Also make the func_door and the func_door_rotating have no collision with anything.

Actually now that I think about it, why make the door a func_brush? You might as well replace the func_door with the actual door.

I just tried this and it works nicely. Here are some screenshots I took:

i’ve tried this before, just move the func_door_rotating’s origin in the middle of the cylinder

Honestly, I’d go with modelling the door and then animating it to do this. It will allow you to create the desired effect with the use of a simple prop_dynamic and will give you better control on how it moves.

I already made that door.

I did have one of these in my apartment, but the lack of control over the rotating door gave me hell (doors stopping inside the world brushes/ each other).

No matter how much I timed it it kept happening :v:

The door is supposed to move out, then rotate.

Hey guys!

Since I was wondering how to do this efficiently, I decided to create vmf prefab for you to check out!

I made the arched door and tied everything together. My main goal was to make it so that the door could be controlled easily by firing only one input to either open or close it.

So, here’s the link to the file on

To toggle the door at any point, just fire the Test input on the Prefab_RotateDoor_Toggle entity.

Hope this helps!

oh then nvm. Parent the func_door_rotating to a func_door that goes out.

Wait. What’s wrong with Miigga’s solution?

A lot of inputs and outputs would have to be created to control the doors. I wanted to simplify it into triggering one entity.

I made it with one trigger, heres my vmf…

VMF Download: