How to make someone a donator automatically?


I was wondering how to make someone a VIP automatically? First, the user will donate on the forum, they’ll include there Steam ID. Than i want to make the Steam ID become a VIP automatically on my gmod server without me having to do it myself. Than once they become VIP, there name goes on a list with all the other VIP’s along with there name, steamid and group(VIP).

Make <SteamID> “VIP” if donated sorta thing. Just some code that i can add that’ll do it itself.

Utilizing MySQL queries, you can add a player as donator and have some sort of function that checks the MySQL on request (via console command or w.e. ). If the player isn’t spawned with the VIP flag, then it will be provided to him.

That’s the common method, it’s just up to you to figure it out how to code it all.

That really helped alot ! :smiley: I’m almost done coding it, cheers man, just needed that bit of info on how to do it all.

You say your almost done coding it… but you need to know how to do it…

What exactly do you need help with?

Read the OP, he said it pretty clearly.

Dumbass, Read the entire thread THEN ask questions.

Sounds exactly like something I’m working on. The user chooses a amount then donates through paypal, Once the payment is completed it adds their steam ID to a mysql database and when they join the server they get a <VIP> tag and a red name.