How To Make Spawns Change

Okay, I’m making a map and when someone enters an area I want them to spawn there from there on if they die.
There will be several of these as its a map with checkpoints.
I’m hoping it can be done with minimal lua if none at all.
Thanks in advance!

Have a small box where the player spawns that’s covered in a teleport trigger. At every checkpoint, change the destination of the teleport.

Can’t you make a trigger that kills the spawnpoints you don’t need anymore?

Make a trigger_once in a certain point which disables the old spawns and enables the new ones.

I dont want the checkpoint to be for everyone on the map, and how would I know which spawnpoint is for which player?

You cant…

You could try an on death > spawn enable/disable… I’m not sure.

I know this is irrelevant, but is it “cant” or “can’t”?

I guess this isnt possible as of yet, I’ll have to get someone to lua it.
For free of course.