How to make SWep animations and SWep model's for Gmod.


I have been wondering this for a while,

How does one make a model for a weapon in Garry’s Mod, and then CUSTOM animations for said weapon?

For instance what software would one use to do it etc.

If anyone could help me here I would be forever thankful,

~faulty :v:

Well I Believe You Use 3dsMax For Modeling Then Convert it.

You looking to port, or completely model from scratch? because if you are completely modelling from scratch I suggest you get some popcorn and a lot of tutorials.

Well I could be doing either, could you give me some tutorials for each?

Hey, if you ever learn I’ve got some work I could pay you to do. I’m in need of a high quality Mauser C96.

Bumping, I also would like to learn how to port animations and models for use with SWEPs.

I have some tutorials on my channel.