How to make text flash?

Hello, I would like to know how to flash some text in the TTT server. What I really want to flash are the names of my Moderators, Admin, Super etc.
Example: When a Moderator uses the chatbox I want it to be green and flashy. For admins I want it to be Orange and Flashy. Super I want it blue and flashy etc.
Same for donators I want it gold flashy. Please can someone tell me how?
*When I say Flashy I mean that the color fade in and out. Like in the beginning of this video:
You can see the purple player named flashes because hes a donator. If you go a bit after you can see Gold flashing, blue etc.
Thank you.

Come on guys… please someone help me.

You’re going to need a custom chat plugin for this.

Could I have some links please

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-HatsChat_LineGlow [1/0]
Enable/Disable name “Glow” for Admin and SuperAdmin. Default is disabled.

That does not work, I have tried it on my Deathrun server, it just disconnects players when they join “Too many lua errors, Sorry!”

Edit: Or disconnects you saying in the top right corner “Something is creating script errors!”