How to: Make textures glow in the dark (Image tutorial)

Okay, first open your texture in Photoshop.

For example, I made this:

Then, click on the “Channels” tab.

Click on “New Channel” or this button right here:

Now you should have it like this:

Now, press SHIFT + F5, and a menu like this should pop up:


Then click ok, and you should have it like this:

Now you must click on that eye to enable all channels!

After you’ve done those, compile your texture into .vtf format.

Then open the .vmt, and add “$selfillum” “1”
like so:

If you don’t add it, the texture simply won’t glow in the dark!


Ask if something wasn’t clear.


the images load pretty slow …
i would recommend to make 1 image from all images

GIMP translation please :saddowns:

Do you have a slow internet? Are you DLing something? That might cause it.

I might add later. :v:

Good quick tutorial.

Make the images fit on a normal monitor. You’re wasting a crapload of space.

Also: It’s not glowing in the dark until it’s lighting the world. :expressionless:

You could add onto this tutorial. If you have a flat box but only want half of the box to glow in the dark, you color half the box black in the alpha channel and the other half white. It doesn’t have to be completely black/white.

Can I make black / white gradients for different levels of glowyness or is it solid white and black?

Yes you can use gradients.

Its still useful but i agree How do we light the world? And once more thanks alot for makeing those !

I believe lighting the world requires attaching particles to the model.

To my knowledge it just can’t be done without a dynamic light or a shader.

You could make it emit static light with the lights.rad file, but that’s probably not going to be what you want.

Well if anyone fingers it out Please let me know i would like to Know.

I’ll try… but I’m afraid that glow maps can’t be fingered…
… unlike women.

I woulnd mind useing lights.rad way to make it light the world

lights.rad only works when compiling a map, and on brush faces only as far as I know.

So that won’t work.

Pretty sure it’s particles.