How to make TF2 Maps using Hammer Editor

Hey guys, I created another tutorial series for Team Fortress 2. This one is how to make your own maps. This is oriented for the beginners to Source SDK, but will later move onto much more advanced features.

Episode 1 - The layout of the program (I made this video because all the youtube tutorial I had found never really explained the layout at all)

Episode 2 - The block tool and building your first room (Don’t mind the 30 second advert at the beginning of the video)

More videos will be added soon!

I think this should go under basic mapping.

For TF2 tuts, I think you should discuss tf2 layout designing, art style, and tf2 entities, and how to use them all.

tbh I think your videos could be a whole lot better if you understood hammer more and try to speak with a clear voice b/c I can’t understand anything.

I only see those tutorials related to the Source engine mapping overall

I have only begun the series. This was to prepare beginners for how to use the program. Of course I am going to go into TF2 related entities and things like that.

Yes, but in order to not make complete crap for TF2, they need to already have intermediate experience, otherwise you just get a bunch of fullbright killboxes. make the basic mapping a separate series, and make the TF2 one for intermediate to advanced peers.

Yes but if you were a beginner and didn’t know how to make TF2 maps, but wanted to would you search “How to make a source engine map” or “How to make TF2 Maps” Obviously the second one.

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Ohh, I didn’t see a basic mapping forum so I put it under TF2. SOrry if that bothers you.